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activities at school

Those who visit the museum
Always take something for with them
Something that is theirs
Something to share.
What will you take
From our Brazilian folk art?

Verses from art educator/performer Chico Lá

The themes presented during the accompanied educational visits to the Museu Casa do Pontal help to form various approaches and activities for the classroom. Based on the shared accumulated experiences in 2010, the Museum introduced the Casa do Pontal educational materials called What will you take? with financing from the Petrobras “Training for the Arts” Cultural Program. The materials come in the form of a box of surprises, composed of a book of activities, a book with content, several posters and five booklets that can be arranged according to need with a total of 40 photographic cards. This is a multidisciplinary approach that helps develop the ability to observe, analyze, interpret, contextualize and assign meanings to works of art. The materials are offered free of charge to schools as a way to prepare for activities experienced in the Museum. Although the activities have been designed for use with children from 4 to 12 years of age, they can be used with a few variations with any youthful audience.