“Caminos del Arte Popular Brasileño - Paraguai

First Edition, 2011
Museu Casa do Pontal, Rio de Janeiro
60 pages

Held in Asuncion, Paraguay, the exhibition "Caminhos da Arte Popular Brasileira - Acervo Museu Casa do Pontal " contained about 200 works and represented the daily activities, festivals, the fantasies and religions of the Brazilian people. The Curator’s criterion was based on bringing a synthetic collection that was capable of showing the diversity of folk art created in Brazil. Guided by a historical and thematic  criteria, the exhibit contains the works of the leading names in this field of art: Mestre Vitalino, with his work "Lavoura"; Zé Caboclo, with his works the "Fotógrafo" and "Bom-dia moning", and Manuel Eudócio and Luiz Antônio with their fascination for machines, artists from the state of Minas Gerais GTO (Geraldo Telles de Oliveira) and Dona Isabel, as well as important artists from other areas of the country. The show was part of the Paraguay Bicentennial Celebration and was held at the Museo del Barro, that combined a rich collection of folk, indigenous and contemporary art. Besides the exhibition, a seminar was offered to artists and craftsmen and open to art students, in which different forms of artistic creation were discussed.