Arte Popular, Arte de Ponta

First Edition, 2004
Museu Casa do Pontal, Rio de Janeiro
32 pages

The Museu Casa do Pontal mounted the exhibition “Arte Popular – Arte de Ponta”, in the public space at the BNDES in Rio de Janeiro. The show brought together some 150 works by some of the most representative Brazilian artists. Besides figurative art - recognized by the unmistakable clay dolls of the Northeast, with special emphasis on Mestre Vitalino – so-called visionary or fantasy art, represented by the iconic work "Lampião-Sereia" by Manuel Galdino (Alta do Moura, Caruaru, PE) a sculpture that creates a bridge between the backlands and the sea. The curatorial approach included the historical aspects of the constitution of the field of art of the Brazilian people, noting its contemporary nature.

This exhibition was also unique in that it was a tribute to Guy Van de Beuque, director of the Museo Casa do Pontal from 1996 to 2004 and the son of Jacques Van de Beuque (the creator of this collection of about eight thousand pieces by more than 200 Brazilian artists). Guy Van de Beuque died in January 2004, just prior to the opening of an exhibit at the Museum at the Crafts Museum in India.