Temporary Exhibitions

Liturgias Contemporâneas (“Contemporary Liturgies)” - Farnese de Andrade and Votive Offerings Museu Casa do Pontal - GVB Gallery Rio de Janeiro, RJ

22 de June de 2012 a 22 de September de 2012
The “Contemporary Liturgies” exhibit contains 150 works: 13 by Farnese de Andrade, on loan from museums and collections and 141 votives from the Museu Casa do Pontal collection by unknown artists from Canindé, CE. The focus is on the works created by Farnese de Andrade, in which the role of votive offerings are presented as a dialog with the collection from the Museu Casa do Pontal. The votive offerings, and their provocative shapes are removed from the field of religion and placed in the context of art as established by their excellence in contemporary and sacred art. The exhibit suggests that we think about this transposition and about the ways in which the votive objects are placed both in the museum as well as the way they are used in the work of Farnese de Andrade. Based on an idea from collector Afonso Henrique Costa, the exhibit was curated by anthropologist Angela Mascelani and continues the dialogue between folk and contemporary art.