Temporary Exhibitions

Seio do Mar: A Panoramic View of Guanabara Bay By Photographer Peter Martins

25 de July de 2010 a 27 de September de 2010
The Seio do Mar, Panorama da Baía de Guanabara project was based on the photographic work and research over a ten-year period (1998-2008) of the Guanabara Bay area by photographer Peter Martins. Its name refers to the translation of Tupinambá name for the area – Guanapará (Bosom of the Sea) - in the Tupi-Guarani language. The idea was to reveal a new side of Guanabara Bay, so much admired for its classic vistas, but little known by its human side. Through classical portrait photography he captured the images of residents and people who live around Guanabara Bay, so that the image is simultaneously linked to both the photographer and the photographed, thus forming a partnership at the time. The result was a photographic exhibition at the Museu Nacional de Belas Artes (National Museum of Fine Arts) (RJ) in 2002, commemorating the 500th anniversary of the discovery of the region by the Portuguese. In 2010 the project was reassembled in its own structure in the outside area of the Museu Casa do Pontal, with new projections and a new physical setting.