Localidade do artista


Juazeiro do Norte - CE


Cicera Fonseca da Silva was born in 1935 in Juazeiro do Norte, Ceará State. She began ceramic when she was 10 years old, producing small pots. She discovered her talent for artistic modelling by chance when she was asked by a customer at the Crato town market to do his portrait. The result was so good that she was encouraged to continue creating new figurative themes. Ciça produced scenes of festivities and folklore of Ceará state. Her sculptures and masks are rich in detail. She is the eldest sister of artist Maria de Lourdes Candido.

  • Girafa com homem no pescoço
  • Máscara
  • Máscara
  • Máscara com três rostos
  • Presépio
  • Reisado
  • Sapo