Liturgias Contemporâneas

First Edition, 2012
Museu Casa do Pontal, Rio de Janeiro
96 pages

Catalog of the exhibition Contemporary Liturgies, held at the Museu Casa do Pontal June 4 - September 22, 2012. The exhibition presents a selection of the work of ​​ Farnese de Andrade in which selected votives, known as ex-votos, are used by the artist, to become part of his compositions. His work is presented in a dialogue with ex-votos from the collection of the Museu Casa do Pontal, removed both from the realm of religion to the field of art, an excellent established field for contemporary sacred art. The exhibit suggests reflections on the dislocation and on the different contexts in which the ex-votos are placed both in the museum gallery as well as in the appropriation made ​​by the artist, who uses them in his work. There are 13 works by the artist Farnese de Andrade, on loan from the collections of Stützer, Diógenes Paixão, Ananda and Jô Frazão, Maria Augusta Andrade Lopes, Ronie Mesquita, Gilberto Chateaubriand (MAM - RJ) and João Sattamini (MAC - RJ). In addition there are 141 votives from the Museu Casa do Pontal collection, by unknown artists from Canindé, CE. The theme for this exhibit was suggested by dealer and collector Afonso Costa.

Adalton Laurentino Nhô Caboclo Saúba