GVB Gallery

The GVB Art Gallery, opened in 2008, is designed to house temporary exhibitions at the Museu Casa do Pontal. The Gallery is used for projects that provoke thinking about limits and appropriateness of art. These are projects that confront and dialogue with the vanguard of established art, and also with art criticism, and allow artistic creation to be considered from multiple angles, considering their differences and specificities. The GBV Gallery is an air-conditioned space, 180m2 in area, with large windows overlooking the gardens; that can be covered or not, according to the needs of the collection and the temporary exhibits on display. There is also a 60m2 adjacent area that can be used for lectures, workshops, or to supplement the exhibition area.

More about past exhibitions - link to Temporary Exhibitions


The gardens of the Museu Casa do Pontal cover an area of 9,000 m2 and were specially designed to promote a seamless integration between the native vegetation, the Museum galleries and the Pedra Branca ecological reserve, one of the largest native urban forests in the world.

Cafeteria and Store

The Museu Casa do Pontal cafeteria and shop are open from Tuesday through Sunday, offering coffee, drinks and snacks, books, CDs and crafts from various regions of Brazil.