Aims to produce knowledge on art, popular culture, traditional crafts Brazilians and their related fields. Dedicated to investigating the acquis in the custody of the institution, its authors and themes generated from its cultural universes of references. It also aims to critically understand the processes by which this production is legitimized in the news as a cultural field relevant for Brazil and Brazilians. Still interested in the understanding of the production chain in which production occurs and its effects, putting into question the prospects that dialogic counterpoint rural and urban, tradition and modernity, ancient and contemporary, past and future.

Research leave of works from the collection to research the symbolic universe in which this production is inserted and at the same time, to which she refers us.

Interest to both the community centers where artistic production is done in the context of a tradition of common knowledge and practices, as the production of popular artists that stand out for their uniqueness.

It is dedicated to the further development of research on topics of popular culture, ethnic arts, the processes of circulation and recognition of objects, memory projects, heritage processes and the social activities centered on the collection of objects.

These studies are the basis of the work of disseminating folk art, by means of educational (educational visits to the collection, seminars and continuing education workshops for educators and social managers) and also: publications, exhibitions, performing audiovisual recordings and films.